Monday, 8 March 2010

God Is In The Details

Welcome to Steve McQueen Style.

Steve McQueen is the most stylish man ever, and this blog will attempt to get to the essence of his style.

Steve McQueen in a classic Great Escape scene (1963) from the book Unforgettable Steve McQueen, edited by Henri Suzeau

Much of what makes Steve McQueen the most stylish man ever is down to his clothes. They meant a great deal to him. He wore clothes in all his films, in fact, and this guide will primarily look, week by week, at items of his clothing.

His icon status is about more than just clothes, though. He's Steve McQueen, in short, and you aren't. He's a rich 60s and 70s Hollywood star. His hair also contributes to his style. "Steve believed in staying in shape," photographer William Claxton says in his excellent book of Steve McQueen photographs*, and that counts too.

Steve McQueen style means something other than buying replicas of clothes with his name and signature printed on it, or as many clothes that look like his as you can find. You should learn from the Book Of Steve, however, and try clothes that McQueen wore but you might normally avoid.

Bullitt (1968)

God is in the details, McQueen liked to say. One overall bit of advice you can inherit from his wardrobe: unless it's to do with motor sport sponsorship, avoid visible logos. It was easier back then, but do your best.

Steve McQueen Style is a UK blog, so don't be afraid to adapt shop suggestions to your country and go for your nearest brand/model/colour equivalent. Post a comment if you know of an alternative. Treat prices of clothes recommended here as approximate and assume they exclude postage, packing and import duties, which are probably significant. Both availability and prices are likely to fluctuate all over the place and with time. (Check the date of each entry. I fully expect my bid for immortality is successful and you're reading this thousands of years from now.)

Next week: Don't Step On His Brown Suede Boots

Battaglia men's store on Fifth Avenue, New York City (1962) from the book Steve McQueen: Photographs by William Claxton

*Please note this blog will refer to Claxton's book as well as other important sources. Any copyright holder who decides it's negative use of your property, let me know and I'll remove all trace.

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  1. how about his crash helmets? the Bell Magnum and the Buco, he looked better than most did Harvey