Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Interim Post #2

Slow, vague news:

1. I thought I'd read yet another story or two where a fashion house rubs Steve McQueen's name into their clothes in the hope of a transfer of cool, but a quick google reveals nothing now. Ah well.

2. The British Film Institute is nearly at the end of "Hollywood Nonconformist", a Steve McQueen season. Four films still to go, though, and that includes An Enemy Of The People.

3. Sanders has an online shop.

Film Noir Buff is a men's style website, and TheWeejun is a contributor to its forum. He attempts to right two myths that my post Don't Step On His Brown Suede Boots helps perpetuate:

1. I reported that Steve McQueen advertised Tod's boots. It can't have been Tod's. That brand began in the 1980s.

2. I reported that Steve McQueen wore Sanders & Sanders playboy boots. He did wear playboy boots, but they weren't by Sanders. A company called Hutton pioneered the style, and this apparently is the make McQueen wore. Hutton is now out of business, although a company licenses the name Original Playboy and makes boots in Spain for export to Scandinavia (legal issues with the fuckbook enterprise of the same name have imposed geographical restrictions).

Still, the recent, similar and well-made English Sanders are arguably the playboy boot to buy, not least because of availability. The price from Oi Polloi (which states "as worn by Steve McQueen") has gone up to £145, but they now sell brown. You can get them for the same price from the Sanders website (which avoids the term "playboy").

 GBX 13080

One popular version of the playboy style that I've missed is by GBX. It sells for a bargain $55, whatever that is in real money.

Anyway, in other news, I bought those Sperry Top-Sider canvas shoes via MyUS, which I'd threatened to do in the previous post. (Even the ones in the wrong colour have disappeared from the Oi Polloi website.) The forwarding of the package almost doubled the overall cost, but it turned up quickly. I went with my usual size, and everything is tickety-boo.

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