Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Summer Special: Persol

This late two-parter will concentrate on the essence of summer style: sunglasses and shorts.

Sunglasses first.

Wearing Persol 714

Steve McQueen wore Persol sunglasses, most famously the 714 model in The Thomas Crown Affair. Persol is an Italian company that's made sunglasses since 1917. The 714 model, which folds, is similar to the 649, which McQueen also wore.

Persol 649 

The 649 was developed in the 1950s to protect tram drivers from dust.

Steve wore tortoiseshell brown Persol frames ("light Havana" is code 96, classic "Havana" code 24). He had blue lenses for The Thomas Crown Affair, which you can buy from Oi Polloi and elsewhere, although he also wore brown (the crystal polar - polarized - brown code is 57). You can buy 24/57 714s from this Persol 714 website for £200, and from shops like Selfridges.

Persol 2244

Daniel Craig was less typically influenced by McQueen when he wore Persol 2244 and 2720 in the James Bond movie Casino Royale.

Tom Ford 108

Tom Ford was Daniel Craig's tailor for Quantum Of Solace, and Daniel Craig wore Tom Ford 108 sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Aviator large metal 3025 (silver frame, silver mirror lens: code W3277)

People moan that Persol 649 and 714 are too big, but the 649 comes in four sizes, the 714 in two. The lenses of the 54mm 714 are about the same size and shape as those of the large Ray-Ban Aviator, whose thin metal frame makes a cool alternative. Aviators cost about £95, and if you buy from an opticians like David Clulow they'll adjust the frame for you. (Brown is another obvious colour for our purposes. The code is 014/51.)

I leave you with one of Daniel Craig's more emphatic McQueen looks.

Daniel Craig wearing Persol 714


  1. I'm glad you're back. I love this Blog!!

  2. Hi, would like to know if you know what color of frame did Steve Mcquuen had for his persol714, Havana or light Havana? Much appreciated & thanks! J

  3. Light Havana.

  4. Hi, Much seems to be made of McQueen wearing Persols. But what other eyewear did he sport? What sunglasses did he wear in "The Getaway"? What is he wearing on the plane at the end of "The Thomas Crown Affair" ?