Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Summer Special: Swim Shorts

The fashion industry tells us to concentrate on autumn. We should ignore that as we would any random shout from a group of subnormals. It's more difficult to ignore the actual change of the seasons, traditional crap weather and apocalyptic climate change but, regardless of everything, it's still fucking summer. Here, therefore, is the second part of the summer special. It's a short look at shorts.

Intimate moment with his wife Neile at home in Hollywood Hills (1963) from the book Unforgettable Steve McQueen, edited by Henri Suzeau

The above photograph is by John Dominis, originally for Life. Steve seems to wear a similar navy pair of shorts in The Thomas Crown Affair.

Orlebar Brown Setter in navy

Orlebar Brown is a company that's made shorts only since 2007, but the Setter is based on a 1950s design. You might want something a little more substantial further from home or water, otherwise they're perfect. Colours of note aside from navy include sand and, if you're more into the Daniel Craig version of Steve McQueen, sky. They're £120. If you hand over your email for offers and news they'll take off 10%.

I leave you with Daniel Craig in those shorts.

Daniel Craig wearing La Perla 

OK ladies etc. La Perla is an Italian company that's made nightwear and swimwear since the 1950s. Daniel Craig wore La Perla GrigioPerla Lodato in Casino Royale.

Next time: Steve McQueen's Jeans

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