Monday, 7 February 2011

Steve McQueen Style Ladies: Neile

Odds and ends:

1. Alastair from Albam has put me right about the Spitalfields branch. It opened at the end of September 2009.

2. The excellent John Dominis book I mentioned in the previous post, although German, is available from the UK. See Amazon Steve McQueen Style at the top right of the blog. If you want the Claxton book of photographs, while we're here, the price in the US is much better than the UK (Amazon US delivers internationally, and the link is in the top right too).

3. The shoulders of the "Frank Bullitt jacket" from Grand Prix Legends and The King Of Cool are unnatural. The companies most associated with Ivy hardly adhere to the style today, though. The shoulders of the J.Press sports coat I recommended are softer than the "Frank Bullitt jacket". That J.Press sports coat is certainly structured, though, in comparison with a vintage J.Press sack. Andy's Trad Forum helped me to understand the modern state of Ivy jackets. Many of the links on this blog take you to sites as ugly as they are useful, and Ask Andy Forums follows the tradition.

4. I have yet more I should've said about Sanders playboys. They're sturdy things but soften beautifully over time. They do differ from the average McQueen boot, though. The ones in Bullitt, for instance, look even softer. The Sanders sole is thicker, too.

OK, I'm afraid that for a time I have more important things to do than Steve McQueen Style. I've come up with the idea of short posts (after this one, obviously) and pretty ladies while I'm busy. Short posts are better in most ways, anyway. Yeah, pretty ladies branch beyond the "How to dress like Steve McQueen" strapline but that's hardly a first for the blog. It'll probably get thousands of extra hits for a fraction of the effort.

I'll feature ladies who've been romantically and/or professionally involved with McQueen. I'll even feature a couple that've been comparably involved with comparable Daniel Craig. Most tenuously of all, because I mentioned the programme in connection with Ivy style, I'll include a couple of Mad Men women.

First up, Neile.

Steve and Neile in the driveway
of their house on Solar Drive
(Hollywood Hills, 1962) from the book
Steve McQueen: Photographs
by William Claxton

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