Monday, 28 March 2011

Steve McQueen Style Ladies: Ratna Assan

On the set of Papillon (1973) 
from the book McQueen (Taschen), edited by Paul Duncan

Ratna Assan as Zoraima. She's topless, but it's OK because it's the 1970s and she looks like a native. (Note: if you're racist, look irony up in the dictionary.)

I'm busy and, in time-honoured tradition, this has nothing to do with Steve McQueen but it's on my mind: it's come to my attention "Banksy" has recently blessed California with his satirical vision. Thing is, it's all a mistake and he's about as much of an artist and activist as "Bono". If you see any "work" by the glamorously anonymous Robin Gunningham, please, do something subversive and graffiti over it.

Monday, 21 March 2011


Still a few weeks of Steve McQueen Style ladies to go. I then want to talk about the Etsy shop Newton Street Vintage, which is so good it's the first thing to give me a should I keep quiet about this? dilemma. It's lucky for you then that Steve McQueen Style is run by somebody who knows only how to spread the word (Newton Street Vintage, conversely, is run by a genuine expert).

I'll also want to talk about Speedway, a Japanese shop. It's owned by an American, John Lofgren, which makes communication particularly easy. Here's the Speedway website, Rakuten and eBay addresses:

You'll find, among many stylish items, the beautiful Toys McCoy reproduction of McQueen's chinos in The Great Escape. The shop and the country's delivery network are operational. Email Speedway at for the latest information.

More on Newton Street Vintage and Speedway to come then. I also want to have a word about, I dunno, other chinos, my latest favourite magazine Men's File, an acceptance of love for RRL, sunglasses again, playboy boots yet again, motor stuff. Well, you'll just have to wait.