Monday, 28 March 2011

Steve McQueen Style Ladies: Ratna Assan

On the set of Papillon (1973) 
from the book McQueen (Taschen), edited by Paul Duncan

Ratna Assan as Zoraima. She's topless, but it's OK because it's the 1970s and she looks like a native. (Note: if you're racist, look irony up in the dictionary.)

I'm busy and, in time-honoured tradition, this has nothing to do with Steve McQueen but it's on my mind: it's come to my attention "Banksy" has recently blessed California with his satirical vision. Thing is, it's all a mistake and he's about as much of an artist and activist as "Bono". If you see any "work" by the glamorously anonymous Robin Gunningham, please, do something subversive and graffiti over it.

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