Monday, 18 April 2011


I'm busy but need to interrupt this Steve McQueen Style ladies thing. I have so much to tell you if ever I get the time. Yeah, we've only brushed the surface. I'm yet to mention Baracuta and Barbour (and Belstaff)! I'm yet to mention sweatshirts, leather jackets and, well, I'm too busy to exclaim all day!

I've killed enough people in frustration at being unable to identify McQueen's gym shoes, too. The John Dominis book helped me see the answer. It stared me in the face all along, silly answer. It mocked me, hence massacre. Let's keep positive, though, because the main thing is I'm finally certain of the shoe's name. (Well, I'm all but certain. Perhaps be mindful of the smallest possibility of a return to random slaughter.) I'll post on it when I can.

Plenty to look forward to then. I know people want me to mention stuff like Steve's Shooter sunglasses, and I want to mention stuff like his N-3B.

Lofgren blue chambray scallop work shirt

A chambray shirt, pea coat and watch cap are three popular bits of gear that turn up in The Sand Pebbles. I intend to talk about all this in time. The magnificent Lofgren shirt (above) insists I say something about chambrays now, though. I mean, just look at it. I've briefly mentioned the Japanese shop Speedway and its American owner John Lofgren. Well, Lofgren has his own clothes brand.

Chambray shirts have had a resurgence in popularity for some years. I'll list well-liked choices in a dedicated post. That list will of course include the above shirt. It's docker and railroad rather than naval, with all the appropriate lovely details: chinstrap, vents, twisty stitch pattern (scalloped yoke as grown-ups say). The Speedway website, Rakuten and eBay addresses:

Speedway Rakuten shop
Speedway eBay shop


  1. HI - being a long time McQueen fan i'm enjoying your blog. On chambray shirts รก la Sandpebbles my wardrobe consists Buzz Rickson (yes, named after McQueens character in The War Lover), Real McCoys (which has a USN stencil) and a great shirt from Mister Freedom, all worth checking out.

  2. Thanks, Mr Bones. I intend to mention Buzz Rickson and Freedom in terms of chambrays. I have the Buzz Rickson, and I lust after one of those Freedom shirts.