Friday, 29 July 2011

Bullitt Boots

Common People Elliot

A brief, unexpected return.

Common People is a new company, about which Steve McQueen Style knows next to nothing. It makes shoes. It makes a brown suede boot in the playboy style called the Elliot.

Where this Common People boot is known at all, it's more as the Steve McQueen than the Elliot. It looks like the closest version of the Bullitt boot available, closer than the Sanders playboy. The Common People boot is softer than the Sanders & Sanders, the crepe sole thinner.

Common People Elliot boots are well over £100 ordinarily. Birmingham and online clothes shop Autograph sells a few sizes for £60 with postage. (They're going fast.)


If I can be bothered and have the time, by the way, I might renovate Steve McQueen Style. I want to make things ultimately easier to find, and I want to take away some of the anger and madness. This in turn might anger the regular reader (note singular) at least in the short term, but I've warned you. Yes, you.